Thursday, April 30, 2009

15 Tips

Ok, I like to read and write about traditional foods. Could do it all day. But this little thing called Real Estate really needs more of my attention So, instead of writing and writing about this subject that is so dear to me, I will share what I have found that I thought was REALLY WORTHWHILE.
Enjoy and write to me if you have questions.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oinked by news of the swine flu pandemic

As the "numbers" rise in the news of the swine flu pandemic I am getting more and more emails on the subject. My favorites are ones that send chills up my spine about the outbreak and then offer some natural product you should buy from them to protect yourself.

Today, Moriah sent me a copy of a letter written by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. When it comes to vaccines, hers is the most calm and sane voice on the subject. I urge you to read her post on her website. And if you want more information on how to protect yourself from this and any virus. be sure to read to the bottom of her article and feel free to contact me for sources. Cod liver oil is my favorite choice.

And here is another one I like

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Star Date 25 April 2009 First Entry

Well, I have finally done it. I have become a blogger. There are so many articles and recipes I want to share that it just became too hard for me to keep it all inside. Besides. Sally Fallon (author of the best cookbook in the world - Nourishing Traditions, and founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation) says that keeping valuable information to yourself generates bad karma. So, in an effort to generate good karma I am prepared to share the goodies I know and find about traditional foods, their preparation and their benefits.

Last night I sent out the recipe for "blender pancakes" which has been getting excited replies. I plan to make them in the morning as I love having leftovers to use as a carrier for BUTTER! I just can't seem to get enough butter, especially now that the spring grass is coming in and the butter is so rich with vital nutrients Vitamin A and K2. Here is a great article on Why Butter is Better

But, I get sidetracked. What motivated me to start this blog was the discovery of a method for making ice cream in a BAG! Yes, a bag, well really 2 baggies. I was delighted and wanted to share it with my friends, but I did not want to abuse the email system so instead of waiting to send it out on Sunday with my weekly email I decided it was time to blog.

Now, if I were to make this recipe I would use real cream or a combo of milk and cream, an egg yoke and Rapadura or maple syrup instead of sugar. Imagine a bunch of kids can make their own flavors this way. Enjoy:

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