Saturday, April 25, 2009

Star Date 25 April 2009 First Entry

Well, I have finally done it. I have become a blogger. There are so many articles and recipes I want to share that it just became too hard for me to keep it all inside. Besides. Sally Fallon (author of the best cookbook in the world - Nourishing Traditions, and founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation) says that keeping valuable information to yourself generates bad karma. So, in an effort to generate good karma I am prepared to share the goodies I know and find about traditional foods, their preparation and their benefits.

Last night I sent out the recipe for "blender pancakes" which has been getting excited replies. I plan to make them in the morning as I love having leftovers to use as a carrier for BUTTER! I just can't seem to get enough butter, especially now that the spring grass is coming in and the butter is so rich with vital nutrients Vitamin A and K2. Here is a great article on Why Butter is Better

But, I get sidetracked. What motivated me to start this blog was the discovery of a method for making ice cream in a BAG! Yes, a bag, well really 2 baggies. I was delighted and wanted to share it with my friends, but I did not want to abuse the email system so instead of waiting to send it out on Sunday with my weekly email I decided it was time to blog.

Now, if I were to make this recipe I would use real cream or a combo of milk and cream, an egg yoke and Rapadura or maple syrup instead of sugar. Imagine a bunch of kids can make their own flavors this way. Enjoy:

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