Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kefir Grains | How To Make Homemade Kefir From Kefir Grains

Place them in a glass jar (pt, quart, 1/2 half gallon).
Fill with milk.
Place a paper towel or thin cloth over the opening and secure with a rubber band (or the ring of the jar lid).
The purpose is to let the milk and grains breathe and give off the gas that forms during the culturing process while keeping little critters out.
If you can, give it a little twist or two once in a while. The grains like the gentle action.
After 12 hours put a lid on the jar and give it a shake good enough to distribute the cream - not violent, or you can stir it with a plastic spoon.
Take the grains out and put them in another jar to start over.

After your first couple of days you can start letting it culture up to 24 hours. I recommend 12 to start for 2 reasons: 1) so you can get used to the sour taste and 2) so your gut can get used to all the beneficial bacterial.

If you get bloated or gassy they just drink less the next time until you can built up to the amount you want.

One rule of dealing with grains is to not use metal.

This site has more info...

Kefir Grains | How To Make Homemade Kefir From Kefir Grains

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