Monday, August 24, 2009

Why protein powders are bad?

The topic of Why protein powders are bad? came up on the WAPF Chapterleaders message board recently. Sally Fallon (president and founder of the WAPF) joined in the discussion with these points. I thought they were worth reading about and wanted to share her concise and knowledgeable information.

Why protein drinks are bad (WAPF 101):

1. High-protein, low fat results in the depletion of fat-soluble
vitamins, particularly vitamin A. Ask Randy Roach, a body builder who became blind
using protein drinks. Filed as top secret in U.S. government files:
People in Guatemala became blind when given skim milk powder as food aide. Also
cause autoimmune problems, fatigue, thyroid problems, cancer, etc. The most
fundamental lesson of traditional cultures: they never ate lean meat.

2. Proteins are very fragile--high temperature processing denatures the
proteins, the body must mount an immune response.

3. Lots of additives, carcinogens formed during processing (nitrates,
etc.) Others added to these powdered mixtures. Tend to be high in MSG (also
formed during processing)

4. Where does the whey come from?? It is the waste product of
conventional cheese making, confinement cows, etc.

These protein powders are not REAL FOOD!!

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