Sunday, August 16, 2009

Traveling with food and how to fry a steak

Preston and I spent last week in our home state of Virginia visiting family (his) and trying to relax. We took a cooler on the airplane with frozen milk, eggs, bacon, chicken soup and ground beef! I am so glad I have figured out how to travel without compromising my diet.

I subscribe to a number of blogs and this week one of them featured how to pan fry grass fed steak. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it would make a heck of a good meal. I wanted to share it with you...

Last night we saw Julia and Julie. What a great movie. SO enjoyable. Makes me what to go through Nourishing Traditions recipe by recipe and make everything in there. When we came home we were starving so I took some cut up chicken, a couple of cups of broth and heated them up. While it was heating I squeezed a lemon in a bowl and whisked in two eggs. After I took the pan off the heat I whipped in the lemon/egg mixture. I created a modified Avgolemono (a classic Greek soup) in just moments. Preston and I ate it with gusto and I felt so strong and healthy afterwards. Nothing like good stock to feed the body and soul.

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