Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crustless Quiche Recipe

Same party...same raves...same promise to share...

Sauteed veggies - finely chopped (onions and/or peppers and/or zucchini and/or mushrooms etc.)
3/4 Cup milk
1 pound raw grated cheese (chef's choice - I used pepper jack &/or Colby &/or cheddar)
10 pastured eggs (organic will do)
2 pressed or chopped garlic cloves
salt, pepper, herbs to taste.

Pre-heat over to 350.

Sautee veggies in butter, coconut oil, chicken fat or lard and arrange in the bottom of a 9 X 13 Pyrex dish or similar.

Place grated cheese, eggs, garlic and seasonings in a blender and blend until mixed well...won't take but a second or two.

Pour into the Pyrex dish, place on a cookie sheet for easier handling and place in the oven.

Check after 40-50 minutes for an inserted knife to come out clean.

Wow! This was a real crowd pleaser in my home and at the party! My first batch I used all the little pieces of misc. cheese I had on hand. The second batch I tried to match veggie, cheese and herbs. It really is easy and oh so good! Yesterday I heated up a leftover piece that had managed to hide in the refrigerator for 2 weeks and it was still great. That is one of the beautiful things about using full, grass fed fats (raw cheese)...foods last so much longer. Our grandparents knew how to use fat to preserve foods. I am just now starting to catch on!

This freezes well but the bottom can be too wet so reheat it upside down and enjoy!

Why do I use pastured eggs? Find out here
How to find them? Ask me.

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