Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Frog and A Miracle

Today while toweling off after my shower I noticed Panza (one of our 8 cats) hanging around the edge of the bed as if he was waiting for prey. Sure enough, a little green frog hopped out from under the bed. There he sat in the middle of the floor so to protect him from the other curious cats (Panza was bored with the game by now) I put a glass over him. After I dried off I picked up the glass and Mr. Frog was on his back. I scooped him up and nudged him and looked for any sign of life. There was none so I sadly took him over to the toilet to send him back to his Maker. Lo and behold, once he hit the water he started to move so I quickly scooped him up, changed the water and watched him. After a few minutes of minimal movements I put a drop of Rescue Remedy in the water. Well, that did it! In about 60 seconds he started to move around, climbing the side of the glass and acting like a real frog. I had to put my hand over the glass to keep him in while I took him outside. I didn't even get a chance to put where I was going to put him as he hopped out of the glass into the grass and on his way to frogdom.

Why am I telling this story? Because this is not the first time I experienced a miracle after using Rescue Remedy. I carry it with me at all times. I used it on a stunned bird once that had flown into my tire. I use it on red ant bites with amazing results. I used it on my mother after a fall that broke her arm and kept her from going into shock. My cats get it after a trauma (by mouth I use the drops, topically I use the cream). I used it the other day after showing a home that had mold which caused a violent reaction. I was fine after 3 minutes!

Most health food stores sell it. Buy one of each application...carry a bottle with you. Don't forget to use it as the First Aide it is!

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