Sunday, June 7, 2009

The food insanity explained.

"We have drifted into this deplorable position of national malnutrition quite inadvertently. It is the result of scientific research with the objective of finding the best ways to create foods that are non-perishable that can be made by mass production methods in central factories, and distributed so cheaply that they can sweep all local competition from the market. Then, after there develops a suspicion that these "foods" are inadequate to support life, modern advertising science steps in to propagandize the people into believing that these is nothing wrong with them: that they are products of scientific research intended to afford a food that the last word in nutritive value. The confused public is totally unable to arrive at any conclusion of fact, and continues to blindly buy the rubbish that is killing them off years ahead of their time. The American people have been humbugged into DIGGING THEIR GRAVES WITH THEIR OWN TEETH."

Dr. Royal Lee 1943

WOW! This came to me on the heals of reading about a new book called The Liberation Diet which talks about how industry takes a waste product (like cottonseed oil) and makes it into a "health food". Ever since I became involved in the Weston A. Price Foundation I have shared with others that "if my grandmother didn't have it available as a young girl then I probably don't want it." Both the quote above and the referenced book above support my diligence!

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