Sunday, May 13, 2012

Positive news from WAPF

Vice President of WAPF and board member Kaayla Daniel says our message is becoming unstoppable!
Here are 3 good stories to view and share with others:
1.  Garrison Keiler Visits the Amish and the Raw Milk Issue!
2.  Lengthy story on the raw milk issue aired in New York City on the Monday night news.
Chapter leaders Claudia Keel and Jill Cruz did a great job!
3.  Also, check the archive of Saturday May 5’s live, syndicated call-in talk show broadcast with Sally Fallon Morell on Eagle Forum radio. ttp://
The producer said the phones were ringing off the hook with nutrition questions! Host of the show, Phyllis Schlafly raised her children on raw milk! Here is her column on the subject:
Just FYI, WAPF is non-partisan, non-political. By being on a radio show we are not embracing the ideology of the host or network. We are reaching the audience with our message.  As our Executive Director, Kathy Kramer said recently, "We want to get our message to anyone who eats!"
We will accept an invitation to be on any show, regardless of the political or religious persuasion.  If you have a show that you would like us to be on, please send your ideas to our publicist.
Kimberly Hartke, Publicist

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